Central Nine Adventures

My Central Nine experience can be summarized with one experience I have had with one fellow classmate named Luke. Leading up to this experience Luke had always asked me for help. Every time he asks for help he yells “Ben, help me!”, and I am forced to simply say “No”. After all, I have to get my own classwork done as well as him, but one day he stopped asking me for help. When I came to notice this I looked at my surroundings to find out why; It turns out that my buddy Talmage was playing a word typing game with him.

Their word typing game was a heated battle of glory. Their Words Per Minute counters were up and around 60. At first, I did not really care about their battles, I only cared about the nice peace and quit it gave me from the “Ben, help me!” interjections. However, after a few minutes there was a new disturbance in the area. Talmage had beaten Luke in the battle and Luke got triggered by this. Even now, typing that line triggers him because he refuses to accept my documentation of these events. This once peaceful typing competition had turned into a brutal testosterone fueled yelling match.

It did not take long for our teacher to break up the conflict. However, rather than doing anything about it administratively our teacher let them suffer through their in class assignments, and no “Ben, help me!” interjections were permitted. All of our class work is done in class, and those two had just wasted much of their time when they could have been doing their work. The moral of this story? Do not waste your ego on small unimportant things such as typing games while you have bigger goals that you should be focusing on.


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