My Rig

I am the sort of person who loves video games. In fact, I spent the greater part of a year working on saving up money to build a gaming PC. This was a unique experience for me because I had never dedicated to a project of this scale before. First, I had to spend a few months working to save the money I needed for the computer. Once I had done that, I had to pick out the parts I wanted and make sure those parts were all compatible. Then I had to go though the painstakingly long process of assembling and troubleshooting the machine.

However, once my work was all said and done, the product was amazing. The computer I built ended up something that would cost about three times as much if I had decided to buy it from a retail vendor. Knowing that my project beat most other options in both price and effectiveness made me feel like what I was doing was impressive, and I learned a lot by doing it. I know in the future I will see that DIY is not a scary option, but rather it is an opportunity to do something that most people cant just buy in a store somewhere and be left with a worse product.

Today, I use my computer for more than just gaming. I use it for Computer Aided Drafting, video editing, and as a general workstation for very computationally intensive tacks. In robotics, using the Computer Aided Drafting software that I have assists me in making parts with significantly more accuracy and significantly less faults, and that alone makes the thing worth carrying back and forth from robotics. The value of the computer’s work is far greater than the cost that it took to build it in the first place, and I’m glad I did.


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