You, Quantum Tunneling

When I read “You, Disappearing”, I felt very  bored at the idea behind the conflict itself. I am the kind of reader that likes to have some level of understanding with the nature of the conflict. Just having an environment where collections of objects suddenly fail to exists does not give me the closure I would like from a story. The old lady who can supposedly hear the voices of the disappeared does at least help bring closure for me, but it does not do it properly enough for me to enjoy the little closure that it gives. Besides, there were faults to the supposed explanation of what happened to the disappeared. How could all the people who were on the other side possibly be alive if the Earth itself and its air had not disappeared with them? If every item in the first world appeared in the second world, then would the earth have to appear twice eventually? Its at this point where I begin not to accept this idea, and I start to postulate my own explanations.

Although it should be noted that it is so unlikely for this to happen its almost not worth of discussion, in the real world there is a potential explanation for objects disappearing like this randomly. In the wonderful world of quantum physics, the study of how the partials the make up atoms work, there is a strange property that exists for almost all particles called quantum tunneling. To sum it up simply, all particles that make up atoms tend to seemingly randomly teleport in short distances in every instant of time. The longer the teleport is, the more unlikely it is to actually happen. In this story, we could assume that the individual particles that make up had have all teleported unfathomably far away from Earth. While the chances of this actually happening to even one particle are extremely low, it does still qualify as an explanation to me.


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